Seiko Dive Watch SBDC007 “Shogun”

Seiko Dive Watch SBDC007 “Shogun”

Seiko Shogun Close Up view from Left

Whoaaa…it’s been a while. Lots have changes ever since my last note, but many interesting thing – and projects is going on, and few has and being come into fruition.

And right now, I would like to introduce you to one of it, which is my daily, versatile, ultimately durable and exquisitely beautiful Seiko Shogun, courtesy of my beloved girlfriend. Well to be completely truthful, “Shogun” is not exactly the official name Seiko granted to this wrist watch, the official name is is SBDC007. Like its older brother the SBDC001 “Sumo”, the Shogun is powered by self/manual winding 6R15 movement, which is not only more expensive, accurate and smoother than the generic 7S26/7s36 movement, but also store the energy longer. For you who is not familiar with terms, it means automatic, also means that it does not require battery, and is able to save limited amount of energy in its winding mechanism.

Seiko is not a big fan of sapphire glass for its dive watch line, and hence the Shogun comes with Seiko’s own hardlex glass, which is not as scratch resistance as the sapphire but stronger that the mineral glass. It also has standard Seiko 200m resistance, hardly useful even if you are a hardcore divers.

Beautiful looking Seiko Shogun, a watch for all season


Seiko Shogun, the front dial


Seiko Shogun's screw-in crown. Notice the inital "S" ?

Look wise, I love it. The proportion is better than Sumo (who some people complained has too small of a wrist strap), it has solid black dial and bright and long lasting hours mark and arms. It’s not to thick, which means that I can use it as a companion for my long sleeves shirts and suits. And its neutral black and metal tone make it suitable for any occasions. Strap extension is available as standard as per any other Seiko Divers, and it comes with the rubber strap in case I need to go hardcore.

The Shogun, cost twice as the Sumo, thanks to its Titanium material which makes it very very light, but also not as shiny as stainless steel.

Back some times last year I once wrote, that if I can only have one watch, Sumo will be it, I stand to correct, Shogun will be it.

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