How to act like a true gentleman

Today we will talk about how a true gentleman should behave in various situations, because the topic of upbringing and behavior is actively lobbied by modern society. Girls are increasingly striving to communicate with intelligent, cultured men who know when to give a hand, let a lady go ahead or help out of the car.

Good manners can be appreciated not only by girls, but also by older people, parents, teachers and leaders, because it is with the help of gallantry and politeness that it is easiest to win over a person and evoke positive emotions in him. We bring to your attention several postulates regarding how a gentleman should behave, which will help you navigate in a given situation and choose the right demeanor.

How should a true gentleman behave?

Take good care of your clothes and shoes. This is not to say that you should always wear a tie, bow tie or dress suits, the main thing is to look neat and tidy. Clothing must be clean, free of stains and splashes, ironed and fit. A true gentleman will never wear torn trousers, a wrinkled T-shirt, or a shirt with a stain on the chest. Clothing should inspire self-confidence, and not make you feel complex and uncomfortable.

Courtesy in dealing with the female sex. In the process of communicating with the fair sex, you should be at a sufficient distance from the interlocutor, do not press on her, look into her eyes during the conversation, but at the chest or lips, otherwise you will not look in the best light. A gentleman should listen carefully to a woman, not interrupt her, an ideal dialogue should consist of equal participation of the parties in it: half is supported by a woman, half by a man.

Gentleman’s handshake. You can train in honing the skill of a gentleman’s handshake on friends and relatives. When shaking hands, you should act as follows: Stretch your hand towards the opponent’s hand; Confidently and firmly squeeze the hand, but not so hard that the person feels pain or discomfort; Slowly raise and lower your hand twice; Let go of the man’s hand.

The handshake time comes right after the gentlemen are introduced to each other. To support a further conversation, you can ask about the affairs of a person, start a topic about the weather or a current problem at the moment. Among the lower classes, it is customary to say the phrase “Nice to meet you,” but if you are claiming the title of a gentleman from high society, then you should not say that.

If you are meeting a woman, then you should shake hands slightly, given that the female hand is weaker than the male. A real gentleman will take only the woman’s fingers in his hand, gently squeeze them and smoothly lower and raise his hand once. You should not be surprised if some of the people introduced to you do not extend their hand in order to shake yours, in which case you should limit yourself to a nod of the head.

Avoid swear words.

In order to become a gentleman, you must forever forget about rude words and obscene language. Watch for the grammatical correctness of your communication, during a conversation speak clearly, understandably, with intonation, raise your head high, do not use raised tones. If you decide to use any difficult words or are having a conversation on professional topics, you need to be competent in this area.

In the case when the topic of conversation is not particularly familiar, it is better to avoid specific statements in which you are not sure, you can use neutral turns, because a true gentleman cannot screw up and voice false, incorrect information.

During the conversation, avoid obscene, rude and outrageous topics. If such a conversation was started by one of the participants in the conversation, the gentleman’s behavior should be neutral, just keep silent or ignore the remark – the best option. But of course it all depends on the situation, if the interlocutor is your acquaintance, and you know that you can offend him with your silence, you will have to find another alternative way to point out the unacceptability of the topic he has chosen.

Correct posture. To become a gentleman, you will have to carefully monitor how you hold your back, how you stand. A man should not slouch, look at the floor during the dialogue, his position should indicate self-confidence. Cleanliness is an indicator of intelligence and culture.

It is not only about clothes, but also about the car, the place of residence. Even if you live alone, remember that a true gentleman will never allow it. So that in his sink there was a mountain of dirty dishes, and the floor was littered with garbage, clothes and papers. Hygiene rules should be observed steadily – daily morning and evening showers, oral hygiene, a light scent of exquisite perfume, regular use of deodorant, and so on.