What should be the behavior of a gentleman

A true gentleman should understand that you should not go too far in your desire to be courteous: flattering, fawning on people, trying to support and yield in everything – these are more character traits of a weak-willed and insecure person than a gentleman. A man must himself understand in which case it is worth showing his manners and providing a service, and when it is better to let go of the situation.

You should not give way to a girl if she is traveling with a friend, because two girls will not be able to sit down, and turning to a particular lady, you can offend her companion. If a woman is standing far from where you are sitting, then giving her a seat will force her to move through the crowd, which most ladies do not like, so in this case it is also better not to give up her seat.

If you eat with a friend and take two seats side by side, then both should give up their seats, otherwise it will not look very ethical. If the one to whom you gave way does not want to sit down, referring to the fact that he will soon leave, or the person simply does not want to, it is enough to offer again.

And after repeated refusal to sit back. But do not be lenient in such a situation. A real gentleman can take care of himself: wash and iron his wardrobe. And it needs to be made into a habit. Don’t expect your mom or wife to wash your socks and iron your pants, you have to do it yourself.

A true gentleman appreciates model shoes that are not only beautiful, stylish and well-groomed, but also comfortable. Shoes should be polished so that they shine, and the color of the socks should match the shoes.

The behavior of a true gentleman is different

Communicates with girls with nobility. But without condescension. He does not allow himself to go over with alcohol, no matter what situation he is in. A drunken man looks unworthy, causes disgust and hostility among the people around him; Does not make tattoos and piercings in a conspicuous place.

Given that gentlemen get into a variety of companies, social parties and business meetings, you should carefully consider the need for a body tattoo or piercing. It is unlikely that you will look good at a meeting of directors with an earring in your nose.

But if you still want to pay tribute to fashion, then choose the part of the body that you can hide if necessary; You should not make acquaintances for the sake of sex, this is a manifestation of disrespect, both to yourself and to the girl; Before bringing up a particular topic in a conversation, carefully analyze whether there are people in the company whom it can upset, embarrass or offend.

Also, you should not constantly reduce the conversation to your own successes, achievements and your person in principle.


The evolutionary branch that gave the world gentlemen turned out to be a dead end. And examples of gallantry in this regard are no different from fire-breathing dragons: perhaps they once existed, but no one saw them. At least numerous legends and myths, cave paintings and illustrations in children’s books remained from dragons, but what is left of gentlemen?

An alluring name for a clothing brand, a parody show, languid novels, an association with four adventurers (“Courtesy is the best weapon of a thief”) and a nauseatingly sweet image of Ashley Wilks with a shining halo around his head. And yet we believe that they were. Gentlemen, not dragons.

They just turned out to be unviable and mutated into another subspecies. As a result, habits also mutated. The upgraded descendants of sweet Ashley changed moiré vests for leather jackets, suspenders for belts, underpants for Goofy boxers, culottes for cut jeans with their own hands, a felt hat for a Spartak cap.

Instead of an album of poems, a gentleman of the 21st century starts albums on social networks, one in five of which he modestly calls “I don’t like being photographed!” Instead of a theater, he invites a lady to karting. He doesn’t order seafood in a restaurant because he doesn’t know how to eat it properly, but he easily fixes a tea-drenched clave and recommends the latest smartphone. What can I say, everything has evolved along with the breed.